AirFi is a travel technology company built by people who think big and like to have fun. We help airlines and rail companies deliver premium entertainment and shopping experiences to passengers, unlock operational benefits, and drive ancillary revenues. AirFi was founded in the Netherlands, (which explains all the orange!) and we have offices, partners and support teams flung far and wide. Wherever our customers need us, we are there.

AirFi Vietnam operates under Basecare Vietnam since 2021.

Our Vision


We think a few hours in seat 22A should be just like a day at the world’s greatest mall, where you can see a movie, explore the shops, visit the arcade, book a holiday, hang out with friends, visit the food court, and have a great time.


We’re all about bringing that “big mall” experience on board so airlines can offer a retail experience like Amazon or ASOS, and so their passengers will never want the plane to land.


What’s not to love about that?

Our Story

AirFi was established in 2011 by a team of industry specialists who dreamed of making cabin crews’ lives easier and the passenger experience more fun. We knew would be possible with economical and easy-to-deploy digital solutions for airlines and rail operators. In 2012, AirFi launched its proprietary Connected Crew mPoS (mobile point-of-sale) platform and we the company hasn’t looked back since.


In 2014, the revolutionary AirFi box was brought to market as the first portable streaming solution for the air and rail sectors. Fully compatible with our Connected Crew solution and costing a fraction of what traditional in-flight entertainment (IFE) did, the AirFi box (now in its third generation) disrupted the industry and was soon being imitated by numerous competitors. Throughout the years, AirFi has managed to stay several steps ahead of the pack with constant innovation (like in-seat ordering and LEO low-bandwidth connectivity) and by always putting customers first.


In 2021, AirFi celebrated 10 years in business. We now have customers on five continents and regional offices around the world to support them in every way. Since our inception, more than 70 airlines and rail operators have trusted AirFi to provide superior passenger entertainment, empower crew, and deliver onboard retail success.

Our People


At AirFi, we believe that happy employees make for happy customers. And happy customers are our top priority. We’re proud to employ a passionate worldwide team of hardware engineers, software developers, sales experts, e-commerce strategists, and customer support champions who share this belief. We value trust, communication, accountability, and support… because it really is teamwork that makes the dream work.



Our Promise


At AirFi, we pride ourselves on having a truly worldwide support organisation with regional sales and deployment partners who understand local regulations, markets, and business practices. We are also proud of our unwavering dedication to safety. We are flexible, we are fast, but we question safety. We strongly condemn the use of swappable batteries in portable IFE systems. Please contact us to find out why.