Onboard technical solutions should be safe, powerful, compact, and easy-to-deploy. AirFi’s market-leading inflight retail, inflight entertainment, and connected crew platforms are driven by the best hardware in the industry. We never question safety, and our technical expertise is second to none, so you can rest assured knowing every base is covered.

The AirFi Box

The AirFi box is like the nucleus that drives and connects our suite of solutions. It creates both the onboard Wi-Fi network and the supporting IT infrastructure that brings your IFE and retail offerings to life.


AirFi’s Connected Crew solution is the world’s richest, most versatile mPoS solution. Refined by more than 10 years of industry experience, it enables crew to sell throughout the flight and supports numerous administrative tasks.

Open Software Platform

AirFi’s open software platform is designed to welcome third-party developers and integrate with any partner you choose to work with. This flexibility makes total customisation of your solution possible.

LEO Antenna

We place an antenna, roughly the size of a pen, inside one window on each side of the aircraft. This installation is considered a minor modification, for which we have prepared all the necessary paperwork. Now that’s a clever way to connect an aircraft.


On the Backend:

We understand the importance of collecting data for the continual improvement of your onboard operations, content selections, loading efficiency and commercial strategies. We measure and store every action taken through your digital onboard platform. Every click and every choice are tracked and made available in raw data for export, with a rich line-up of reports available in our comprehensive, back-office dashboard.


Our Promise:

At AirFi, we pride ourselves on having a truly worldwide support organisation with regional sales and deployment partners who understand local regulations, markets, and business practices. We are also proud of our unwavering dedication to safety. We are flexible, we are fast, but we never question safety. We strongly condemn the use of swappable batteries in portable IFE systems. Please contact us to find out why.